Sunday, May 15, 2011

A true Basketball Fan

  This is all about the meaning and what is really like to be a true basketball  fan. For some these people shown at the image above looks like a bunch of weirdos, self-employed, beer drinking guys who should be spending their time finding a good paying full time job, take care of their kids, find a boyfriend or girlfriend, clean their houses or get a real life.

Being a basketball fan requires passion that most of us don't have in our nerves unless these guys really have it. Others support a ball club just because the star player is cute, adorable and do have that masses appeal in him that we wish we had. While some only likes a team because they've watched one of its Shooting Guard last night played like "His Airness" the great Michael Jordan and then the next few games that baller only scores an average of 2 fields goals and 4 fouls a night. 

This guy whom i know and wont even mentioned his name in this blog was self declaring himself as a fan of the world famous tinsel town team The Los Angeles Lakers which by the way has been swept by the Dallas Mavericks recently in 2nd round NBA 2010-2011 Play-offs, then the funny thing is that the following day he was micro blogging that  he really believes that the Chicago Bulls will go all the way to the NBA Finals and win it all.  Yeahhhh! right! the thing is if your'e a true fan or supposed to be or happen to be a supporter, a believer, a follower of a team don,t just follow a team because their winning 6 or 7 in a row or they shot 9 three pointers in a game and then ditch them in a snap! if they lost by 20 points on their last game.

A Basketball Fan (fanatic or enthusiast) believes in a sport of basketball, in a team or in a player and whom i also believed understand's the game and understand's the meaning of winning and losing, the ups and downs the downside of the sport particularly basketball or other sport that you would like to follow, I'm not saying some of you guys don't have the right to be a fan of a sport or a team but part of being a fan is showing your appreciation of what a team play's for which is to win ball games, display team work and that never say die attitude even if they are losing but still playing to win even for some instance playing through nagging injury, playing hundred miles away from their home town, still showing their desire to win even up to the dying seconds of the game.

If you are categorizing yourself as a fan of a basketball team and then ditching them if they played awful in one of those nights or didn't make it to the play-offs or even not the 1st round
then maybe you belong to those who are just front runners, Bandwagoners who just goes with the flow and only following other fan wannabe's when their routing for their so called team having a nice run. 

A true Basketball fan believes in which ever basketball team he or she supports even when they're losing, you follow a team because you believed that they play the game with passion, sportsmanship, and that desire to win every ballgame even if they are at some point underdog's.